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What a way to start the week.  I came out into the living room a few moments ago, 5:47 am, and there sits Patrick.  Dressed.  His bed already made.  Normally, he's not quite as motivated:


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We have a spider living inside of our window.  It has a very VERY elaborate web to catch it's prey. I said to Patrick:  "Wow, fancy.  He's an excellent web designer."  Seriously people, who is funnier than me?!
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 Aaaaaaaaaaaand I may flick my coworker in her head.  Miko Angelo?  Really?  Miko?  It's not even 8 am, so stop talking already.  I don't care about your shellacked ceiling.  I don't care about your tin roof.  I don't care about your doctor wanting to save the world. I don't care about your pony-tailed husband. 

She needs to shut. up. now.
don't fuck with me

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I'm not the strictest of parents by any means.  At the same time, I'm not a total pushover.  Anyway, when I have rules, they're enforced.  They might be different to some, but whatever.  They work in my home.  One of my restrictions with the kids is South Park.  I freaking love that show.  I laugh, I gasp, I think it's completely, totally, 100% kickass.  But I'm 39.  I don't think my 11 year old should watch an episode where Cartman keeps trying to finagle a way for Kyle to suck his balls.  I know, I'm a hag.  Fortunately, the kids dad doesn't feel the same way.  He thinks I'm *frustrated* and taking it out on them by censoring what they watch.  I don't know if it's fear, or respect, or what, but the kids told Jim they're not allowed to watch it, regardless of the location.  

Seriously.  Don't try to undermind what I've been doing for the past 10 1/2 years, 20 minutes at a time.  RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!

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 Bodies was INCREDIBLE.  The head in a jar was kind of odd, as was the woman holding open her chest for all to see, but I'd highly recommend it.

This video quality is poor, Patrick took it from his digital camera and was laughing the entire time.  Maybe it'll give you a glimpse into my twisted world.  This is my father and my youngest son on their trip out west.  Devin climbed a hoodoo, but couldn't get down.  As you'll see ... my dad has the patients of a saint  *cough*.

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emptied and refilled the dishwasher

folded 3 blankets

made my bed

taken a shower and brushed my teeth

swallowed 3 vitamins/calcium tablets

worked for 43 minutes

consumed 1 liter of Aquafina

replied to four text messages

eaten 1/4 a baggie of Quaker Oat Squares

laughed out loud twice

scanned 3 insurance cards

become frustrated with a 90 year old patient who I think is really 190

rolled my eyes at one email

heard 9 soft rock songs on some satellite radio station

ok now I feel like I've been moderately productive.  Only 10 hours before my work day is done and 13 until it's time for bed.

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 For the past couple of weeks, there have been paw prints on my car every morning.  Patrick noticed a little cat sleeping on the car, and I figured no harm, no foul.  So Thursday, I come home from work, kids are outside, and up comes this cat.  Devin is a HUGE softy and sits on the front step petting in for about 1/2 an hour.  The cat is almost desperate to come in, but no.  We have a cat, she doesn't go outside, she would have a heart attack if another one invaded her space.  Now yesterday.  It's 92° outside, and Devin steps out with the watering can to water my petunias.  Out of the bushes comes the cat again.  It's so freaking cute, and Devin again sits outside, this time for nearly an hour, petting it.  It's 92° people, what am I supposed to do???  I didn't let it in, but I MIGHT have given it some water with a food chaser.  I refuse to name it though.  I just call it Outside Cat.  It was sleeping on the front step all night.  Gah.  Stupid cute thing.
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 Mishmashed kind of day.  Laughed and laughed with my co-worker Sue.  Then I cried over an awkward situation between myself, a friend, and a family member.  Then I ate a bag of cherries and a piece of pizza.  Then a patient came in and gave me new (free!) passes to a health club that her family owns.  Then another patient came in and gave me a box of candy.  Then I received pics of my friend's new baby Jack.  Then when asked to forward them on, I realized how much I missed some of the people I was sending the pictures to.  Then I drove home, and could smell the body odor from the motorcycle rider in front of me inside of my car in which I, for reasons unknown, had a bottle of Febreeze handy.  Then I went to Kroger, and bought ice cream and tooth paste.  Then I came home and hugged my kid.  Then he said "ow" and held his eye, since I'm old and have no depth perception and stabbed him in the face with my talon finger nail. Then I sat down at the computer to post in my journal.  Then I realized that my life is pretty plain, and I really have nothing of interest to say.
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 Devin and I have been recording and watching the Brady Bunch.  Like, the 1st and 2nd season.  So I've noticed a few things.  I still think Carol Brady is unattractive and has horrible hair, and Mike Brady is one great looking hunk of in the closet man meat!  Meow Mr. Brady.