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fanagle's Journal

Ohh la la
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I'm a single mom, trying to keep myself from winding up in a corner chewing my own hair.

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80's music, 97x, amélie, army of darkness, arrested development, art frahm, better off dead, board games, british comedy, bruce campbell, cake, calvin and hobbes, chinese food, chris elliot, cincinnati, classical music, coldplay, coloring, comedy, conan o'brien, cows with guns, dave grohl, deliciously geeky, diet dr pepper, dixie chicks, dogma, duran duran, eddie izzard, elvis costello, evil dead, fall, family, fla-vor-ice, flickerstick, foo fighters, fried rice, friends, geeks, gil elvgren, gilmore girls, girl drink drunk, goldfrapp, grosse point blank, having an open mind, heathers, homicide:life on the street, horn rimmed glasses, incubus, indigo girls, jack black, jason lee, john cusack, john taylor, johnny depp, karma, keane, kermit the frog, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kids, kids in the hall, king of the hill, lanky men, laughing, law & order:svu, learning, leonard cohen, lewis black, lloyd dobler, lost, mallrats, martini glasses, mekka-lekka-hi mekka-hiney-ho, misfits, monty python, motherhood, music, musicians, my chemical romance, my kids, nachos, old rem, peewee herman, peewee's playhouse, personal space, pillows, pin-up art, pinup girls, powerpuff girls, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, raising boys, reading, retro, roxy music, run lola run, sarcasm, saturday night live, saved!, say anything, scottish accents, scrabble, scrubs, seal, seinfeld, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, single mom, single parent, snl, snow, spapeggy and meatballs, spinal tap, spirituality, squirrel hating, stand-up comedy, stevie wonder, survivor, talking, target, tears for fears, tenacious d, the amazing race, the cure, the far side, the office, the princess bride, the shield, the sims, the young ones, third watch, thom yorke, thurman merman, tiny white christmas lights, toad the wet sprocket, trivia, tulips, valley girl, van gogh, van morrison, violent femmes, walking, wit